About Anee Shah

‘Design is everywhere,
everything is design’

Hey! I am Anee (A as in America + nee)
I am a watercolor artist, illustrator and
surface pattern designer, living in Boston with my
husband and daughter.

I traded the warm tropics of western India
for the cold, snowy northeast USA!
Growing up in India, I was always surrounded by
bright colors, vivid patterns and beautiful
textiles. I always wanted to be a part of that design
world and I very happy to have found a space that I can call my own. Welcome!

If you are interested in working together,
be it custom art or licensing my patterns, please do
not hesitate to contact me!
Random fun facts about me!

+ I am a Scientist by day: yes! gloves, labcoat, safety glasses and all!
+ I declutter like crazy when I am stressed and sometimes it doesnt go down well with my husband!
+ I looove the smell of coffee but I cant handle a strong taste..
+ I can beat you at a headstand!
+ Home design is kinda my thing! Went to school for it part time. I can help you pick your wall color!
+ I dont know why but I would like to own a chicken coop someday…!
+ I overuse the !!!!


Family portrait by Belisia Rodriguez Photography