One year ago, I had absolutely no idea what Surface Design was and now I am totally immersed in it. What a difference a year can make!

It all started after my daughter was born. I was home on maternity leave and with all the feeding and swaddling and changing diapers, I was constantly coming across cute patterns on her onesies, blankets, sheets, heck..even diapers!

I thought my art could be on these products as well! I was so naïve that I sent an email to a popular baby goods company with my paintings attached. Obviously I did not hear back from them but with some digging and research I realised there’s an actual design field out there where you can license your art to these companies and it can go on everything that you see around you.. home décor like rugs, cushions, drapes; stationery like notebooks, calendars, planners; kitchen wear like plates, mugs, bowls; wallpapers; baby goods; fabric and many many more!!

My mind was BLOWN!!

This is just the beginning. I will talk more about my next steps in upcoming posts!

Until then, catch all the patterns around you! 😉

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